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Field Trip Bus Ride

Field Trip Bus Ride
Description: It is field trip day! Are you excited? Your entire class is going on a bus ride all around the United States and you get to drive the bus and take some amazing photos of important landmarks! When you see the sign that allows you to take photos, stop your bus and use your mouse to position your camera and then take a picture of the monument. In each level you have to take a certain number of pictures in order to complete it. Make a collection in your photo album of the Statue of Liberty, the White House, Mount Rushmore, the Hollywood sign and a famous Las Vegas casino. You have five great levels in which you can give your best!
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Instructions: Use your WASD keys to drive the bus and try to maintain your balance, so that you will not crash. Use your space key to use your turbo power and get some speed, but be aware that your nitro bar is limited, so use it wisely. You can pick up some power ups to refill it on the way. Your fuel is also limited, so try to pick up the fuel power ups in order to get at the end of the level.

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